Horizon Media, the largest independent Agency won new business and needed to quickly recruit an industry leading Digital Strategy and Investment team. Captivating the attention of this extremely tight talent market of DR Digital Marketing leaders required a highly qualified approach to recruiting the key digital media leaders and mid-level rising stars who would immediately impact their business.


For each role (73 in total) we mapped talent across the competitive landscape and leveraged our proprietary data, insight and industry intelligence to establish and attract the short lists of ideal prospects for each role. As we were already well aware of the general market perception (risk vs. opportunity) associated with these roles we were able expedite the recruitment process while guiding both the hiring leaders and professionals towards a clear mutual vision of the future.


Using the Search methodology we were able to profile the senior management of our client’s competitors, provide a salary survey and provide a benchmark to test internal talent against. This information coupled with our approach to attracting key talent enabled our client to make each and every hire. We are tremendously proud of our success in building out Horizon’s team.