A service for established companies looking for an extension of their recruitment efforts. This traditional recruitment model helps you acquire strong leaders or role players for your team. In a contingency model fees are paid after we successfully help you make your new hire. Contingency may have its flaws, especially with challenging and or competitive senior level searches but is also the ideal approach on most hiring needs.



An accountable search partnership is the model we establish for high impact senior/executive level roles. This model creates accountability with greater insight and control, driving results that yields a speedy decision with a complete view of the otherwise hard/impossible to get highly valued industry leaders you desire. In this model we are accountable to make this hire with you, on a set timeline, ensuring we make the best possible hire from the top 1% of the industry’s leaders and rising stars. When their experience and goals align with your company’s plans this creates synergies that yield the highest degrees of success that quickly reverberate throughout your organization.


EQUITY Recruiting

A service for pre-funding, seed, angel, and early stage companies whereby we drive significant growth and returns for your business through the acquisition of strategic leaders that play a key role in catapulting your company’s valuation and revenue growth. This model enables us to bring the highest caliber talent to your startup, ensuring we significantly accelerate your company’s growth, yielding greater success. At these early stages capital is tight and we remove the impossible from acquiring the leaders you need to grow your business in exchange for a small equity position. When your budget would otherwise preclude you from investing in recruitment this is the alternative that ensures the short-term and long-term success of your business.