A service for established companies looking for an extension of their recruitment efforts. This traditional recruitment model help you acquire strong leaders or role players for your team. In a contingency model fees are paid after we successfully help you make your new hire. Contingency recruitment fosters a competitive landscape that enables recruits to selectively choose an opportunity among many options. In this model we identify and recruit industry leaders with the goal of helping individuals advance their career.


ENGAGED Partnership

An engaged partnership is the model we establish with our most valued client partners. This solution creates accountability that drives greater results, insight and control to ensure the most highly valued industry leaders recognize the value of joining your company. When their goals align with your company’s plans this creates synergies that yield the highest degrees of success that quickly reverberate throughout your organization. In this model you have the opportunity to select from the top 1% of the industry’s leaders and rising stars.


equity recruiting

A service for pre-funding, seed, angel, and early stage companies whereby we drive significant growth and returns for your business through the acquisition of strategic leaders that play a key part in your company’s early and long term strategic development, in exchange we take an equity position in your startup.¬†This service is only available to truly unique, game changing startups who understand success is all about having the right leaders to strategize and execute the gameplan. We thoroughly evaluate your business plan, leadership team, products/services, market opportunity, and exit strategy.